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New Music: Heartbreak by Lady Antebellum

When I started to listen to country music Lady Antebellum were one of the first bands I really loved. I was lucky enough to see them a few years ago at Live at Sunset in Zurich. They put on a great show. After that gig the band had a little break to look after their families. Now they’re back with a new record called “Heartbreak” which was release on June 9th.

The leading single “Heartbreak” is typical Lady A. The beautiful voice of Hillary backed up by Charles and the brilliant arrangement by Dave. It is my favourite song of the album including the witty lyrics: “Give love a rest, between my ex, and my next”. On song two “You Look Good” Charles’ raspy voice is on full display and is a nice contrast to song one.

“This City” will be a hit on tour since you can apply it to every city in the world. It is about when in love the city looks much better or different. “Good Time To Be Alive” and “Think About You” are two up-tempo country songs about loving life and love. Two typical country themes πŸ™‚

The last title of the 13 songs record “Famous” is a beautiful ballade with critical lyrics about the music industry and the way it treats young girls. Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse are good examples. It is not easy to be famous and they put in words what loads of people think.

I listened to the record on a drive which took me just a little over an hour and it was perfect for it. Naturally if you nurse a heartbreak it is the right album for you too. It gives you strength to get over him or her and go out and have a little fun – maybe at their concert.. They are on a big US tour right now until October. Lady A are heading to Europe as well. Dates in Amsterdam, Ireland, the UK and even South Africa are already announced. I hope they decide to extend their tour to Switzerland, Germany or Austria. For ticket info please visit:Β

Let me know what you think of the new record in the comments below.



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