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New Music: Hydrograd by Stone Sour

Stone Sour is Corey Taylor’s side project next to his “main band” Slipknot. I got to know him thanks to this wonderful music documentary called sound city directed by Dave Grohl. I already wrote about this movie in one of my lasts posts.Β New Music: Concrete and Gold by Foo Fighters. If you are into pure music of real musicians this is perfect.

Back to Stone Sour. They’ve released a new album last week called “Hydrograd” which lists 15 songs. 4 singles are already out: “Fabuless”, “Song #3”, “Paipei Person/Allah Tea” and “Mercy”. All songs were written by Corey Taylor. The mastermind has not only a brilliant voice but is also a very talented songwriter. asked him what his favourite track of the album was. His first answer was “Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song is Dumb & So am I)” but he corrected himself and said actually he loves all of the songs. He listens to all of them and cannot choose. At the end he decides that because it’s so different his favourite song of the record is “When the Fever Broke”.


This song is my favourite too because it is actually a quiet ballade where you can actually listen to Corey’s amazing voice. “Song #3” somehow feels like I already know it and is just a great rock song! “Knievel has landed” will be brilliant live because corey is supported by a few people in chorus singing “oh oh”. In general it’s a good rock tune and to say it the old school way it has a good groove.

“Mercy” and “Thank God is over” are very rocky. “YSIF”, “Whiplash Pants” are much tougher and I have to admit that is this is not really my kind of style. But I do understand that they are actually good songs just in a very metally way πŸ˜‰

To sum up it is an awesome record that not only slipknot fans like but also people like me who are not really into screaming singers (apologies to all the fans but this is how it sounds to me). It is also a very diverse album so everyone will find a song to love.

The record is great but the best way to listen to Stone Sour is live. Luckily they are on tour this fall. Check out their website for dates:Β I will try to catch them on Dec, 14th in Zurich.

Have you listened to their new record? Let me know what you think!


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