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New Music: The solo boys of OneDirection

One Direction went into hiatus just a little over a year ago after Zayn left the group to pursue his solo career. Officially they were on a break until March 17 but yes we are in July and they are all pursuing solo careers now. So let’s have a look on all their projects.

Zayn Malik

He was the first one to release solo material. With “Pillowtalk” he landed a huge hit. Was it because the song was good or was it because the video included his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid or because he was the first of the group to release a song? I am not so sure which one it is. This song was also the soundtrack to the movie fifty shades darker which helped to make it successful too. Don’t get me wrong I like his voice but I don’t like the image he has at the moment. The only single who could match that success was a collaboration with Taylor Swift. All other singles weren’t that successful. He is not on tour at the moment. Click here to get album via iTunes or Apple Music.

Niall Horan

Niall released two singles. “This Town” about a year ago and “Slow Hands” in May. I didn’t know his first single but it was one of the most special moments of the Summertime Ball at Wembley this year. 80’000 people lit up the stadium and where waving their lights to that song – just beautiful. His 2nd song “Slow Hands” is super catchy and it’s been stuck in my head for days. I like it a lot. It’s sounds really innocent but have a look at the lyrics it is everything but innocent 🙂 Kind of like Milow’s “Ayo Technology”. And you know that I have thing for Irish musicians so I would never thrash him. Niall is on tour soon. He will play in Ireland, UK, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and the US. Click here to get to his his homepage to get more info and tickets.


Harry Styles

Harry took his time to work on his album and you can really hear it. His first single “Sign of Times” is still constantly played on the radio and it is a beautiful soulful song. I listened to his album “Harry Styles” and I am quite surprised. It sounds like a real musician has produced it. Besides making a good album he has been acting in the recently released movie “Dunkirk”. He will also be on a huge world tour next year. Click here to get more details on dates and tickets. Switzerland, March 11th. Germany, March 24th-27th. US, June 5th- Jul 14th. Australia, April 21st-28th. Click here to buy the album via iTunes or Apple Music.

The two last ones were busy starting their own families.

Liam Payne

Liam surprisingly started dating Cheryl Cole (or whatever her name is at the moment) and this lead to their first son Bear Payne (I know what a name!). Probably almost at the same time he release his first single “Strip that Down”. He performed his only song at this year’s Capital Summertime Ball and who would have thought that Liam can dance like that?! I also have to admit that I love the Chorus because it’s very catchy and you can dance to it. The single also made it as MTV’s cover of the month and this guy has literally stripped it down to a guitar and his voice. I love this version and if you watch the video until the end it will surprise 🙂 On his official website are no live shows scheduled for the moment.

Louis Tomlinson

The first 1D baby is Freddie and he’s already a year old so his daddy Louis was able to record his first solo single “Back to you” featuring Bebe Rexha. I don’t like her voice and I think she is screaming instead of singing so I don’t agree with her in the first place. Plus this song sounds like a million other songs various DJ’s produce but worse. I really hate to say this since he is my favourite of the group but he either should stick with being a dad or look for some good producers to help him make better song choices.


So all the boys have released new music and let’s see who will make it as a solo artist and will still be here in a few years. Judging by their first attempts it has to be Harry. But who knows the other boys might work with better producers and make a great record. Only time will tell…

Who is your favourite 1D boy and how do you like their solo stuff? Comment below I’d love to hear your opinion or message me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “New Music: The solo boys of OneDirection”

  1. Well, honestly 1D isn’t my cup of tea. I’m not switching channels when their songs are played on the radio, because the chorus is always quite catching and easy to join in while driving in the car for example. But I never felt the need to buy a single or an album, so yeah.

    I didn’t even know they were on a break until Niall performed at the benefit concert in Manchester on his own and I was like: where are the others?!?!?

    I’m not familiar with the solo projects and songs of Louis and Liam. Nialls performance in Machester I actually really liked. Good song and good presence on stage. The boy and his guitar. Very down to earth and simple. That impressed me.

    For Zayn …. I can’t stand him. I don’t like his songs at all. In fact, I think they’re horrible. For me he’s currently riding on a vs-model-famous-wanna be-power-couple rollercoaster and I – sorry for repeating myself- can’t stand it. Not at all.

    When I heard “Signs of Times” on the radio I was like: Oh my God. What a beautiful., powerful song. These lyrics. And the guys voice. Amazing!!!
    When I found out it was Harry Styles I honestly couldn’t believe it. I never would’ve guessed it’s him! It’s not at all the boygroup stuff 1D produces and I love it! It’s beautiful and artful and I am sure he can make it on his own!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I would have loved to see your face while watching Niall on his own😄

      And thank you for your opinions which are somewhat similar to mine😂👍👍

      And this Harry Styles thing is incredible. Everyone feels the same way..


      Liked by 1 person

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