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Is it okay to stand up during a concert?

I’ve been going to concerts for years now and at each gig I fear that we will miss out on good dancing songs because the people behind me are not standing up to dance as well. It’s the same old story every time so here’s my advice to you guys.

Stand up if you feel like it!

You paid to have a good time so you better make sure that you have the best time ever! These days concert ticket prizes are super high so if don’t have a good time because you worry about people around you it’s on you!

I’m usually super considerate but during gigs I don’t understand people who are ruining the fun of other people. When I was little during my 2nd P!nk concert a “Lady” probably more like tramp tipped my shoulders and said would you please sit down. I thought to myself seriously?! P!nk just asked everyone to stand up and dance and she asked me to sit down. Who do you think you are lady… that’s what I should have said but of course my shy me didn’t. And no I didn’t sit down either. That’s the story that stuck with me for years and I swore to myself I’d be never like that.

So each time I go to a gig and even if I don’t really feel the music at the exact moment but someone in front of me does I tell them to stand up. If you feel it, stand up and dance! Lots of times I see people half dancing on their chairs because they are too afraid to stand up from their seats and that’s when I know that I have to tell them to get up. Each time I get a super grateful smile and then they are having the best time.

So whenever I stand up I try to see if I can get out of people’s stage sight but if not possible it’s their choice to stand up as well or stay seated and look around me. It’s not like I’m 10 feet tall and you won’t be able to see anything at all. If I want to see the stage again properly I stand up if someone’s dancing in front of me. That’s the beauty of a seating ticket. You can actually see the stage and no-one is right in front of you. You have options to do something about it unless the peeps down in the standing area.

So is it okay to stand up during a concert? Heck yes!! Have the best time of your life! Enjoy the music, the show, the dancing and the moment because there is nothing better than a good gig and those moment you cannot buy with any money in the world πŸ™‚


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