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A walk down memory lane with Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton

In April this year I spent 6 days in Wilmington aka Tree Hill – a dream came true. While I was traveling back I heard the news about Tyler Hilton’s & Kate Voegele’s summer tour abroad. I couldn’t have been any happier! ๐Ÿ™‚ So on Friday the 13th I got to see Chris Keller and Mia Catalano again thanks to Good News who brought them back to Dynamo.

I bought a Meet and Greet ticket so at 6 o’clock I was waiting in the summer heat to see the two amazing musicians again. I brought very special pieces of paper with me – a so called day-to-days – which I got from a tour in Wilmington. When Kate spotted it she said “Oh my God I haven’t seen one of those in ages”. For all of you who don’t know the series One Tree Hill you should deffo check it out. It’s a series where music plays a big role and it is one of the reasons why I follow my dream and started this blog. Those meet n greets are always too short… but luckily we got to hear an acoustic song from the upcoming album of Tyler Hilton.

2018-07-13 19.52.40

Just a little while later Jablonsky took the stage and sang a few slow songs on the key board. Unfortunately she couldn’t bring her band but she did well on her own. She also revealed that she’ll be supporting Kate and Tyler later on.

Brian Mackey was the second support and let me tell you guys he is super funny! Even his songs are hilarious so if you see he’s got a gig near you – check him out!! So the first song was about how much he hates Florida ๐Ÿ˜€ It went on with a song about an ex-girlfriend who’s just white trash and a state that he really likes called Tennessee ๐Ÿ™‚ It was just a super funny set especially when I was called the cup lady because I offered him my empty cup to put his chewing gum in. As a thank you he threw me a pick and I caught it one handedly. So he said:

Good catch! Well you’re a good catch!

Haha thank you! But if you belong to the Script Family you gotta be good at catching picks. So Mark thank you for making me a good catch ๐Ÿ˜€

Just a little while later Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton took the stage with “Overtime”. The harmonies were amazing and I seriously thought I was back in Wilmington at Tric. Tric has the same brick walls as Dynamo and I just felt I was in an episode of One Tree Hill just with a little less drama involved LOL

2018-07-13 21.19.31

It was time for Kate to leave us with Tyler alone on stage. They were joking that this must be the smallest door they’ve ever seen going backstage. Did it lead them to Narnia? Well Kate was about to find out as she was going through the magic door. Who doesn’t know the next song it has Chris Keller aka Tyler Hilton written all over it. “Loaded Gun” has to be one of my favs! Tyler Hilton is such an amazing and talented guitar player and singer. His voice is just the right kind of raspy and in addition to this he is funny and charming.

With “Jenny” he fulfilled an audience request. We then got to hear another song called “City on fire” from his upcoming record. I was like hold on… Gavin DeGraw – another member of the OTH family – has a similar song called “She sets the city on fire”. I had to smile but the two songs have nothing in common but both are great! ๐Ÿ™‚ His last solo song “Don’t forget all your clothes” went by way too quickly since I was still fascinated by him and his voice.

2018-07-13 21.08.49

But Kate came back from Narnia and her ride on a unicorn. Together they dedicated the next song “This is where my heart breaks” to their tour manager Oliver who’s had his heart broken on Wednesday like me when England were thrown out of the World Cup. Now it was time for Tyler to have his ride to Narnia.

So Kate said you might have heard of a show called One Tree Hill and the noise level went through the roof. The next song “No Good” was big in the show and I bet it gave everyone a throwback. I just loved hearing her sing it live and literally in front of me. The guitars were put aside and a club beat came on. Her newest single “Shoot this arrow” is super modern and quite different to what she was doing before. Very refreshing! The set went on with “Free and Wild”, “Sweet silver lining” and “Sandcastles”.

For the last two songs Tyler Hilton joined Kate Voegele again. One of my favourite songs from the show was performed next and I could have listened to it again and again and again. “When the Stars go Blue” – what a tune! The whole dynamo sang along and it was a great atmosphere! But it got even better for the Encore song. Literally everyone sang “Hallelujah” with Kate which made Tyler smile. It gave me goosebumps – our little fan choir and their harmonies on stage were on point and brilliant finish to a lovely evening with a lot of memories and new found friends.

Have you been to the summer tour abroad? Share your experience in the comments below:

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Behind the scenes of Saint City Orchestra

You probably already read about Saint City Orchestra in Caribana Festival review. But now I can properly introduce you to them! They were nice enough to invite me to their gig at the Rock the Ring and let me tell you it was an amazing experience and I am so grateful!

At 12 o’clock I met the 5 lads of Saint City Orchestra: Sandro, Gabriel, Jerome, Marcel and Till. They’ve already done an interview with Radio Zรผrisee and were now waiting to set up their equipment for their 3.30 gig. One thing was already clear. Rockstars cannot sleep in! After a quick introduction I was quickly emerged into the group which made it easy to get to know them. They are all working day-to-day jobs while playing gigs at the weekend. I wonder how they get all that energy. Going to gigs, working and writing my blog already takes a toll on me but I can only imagine how playing a gig must be.

But thanks to all those gigs Saint City Orchestra are now able to record their first album which will be released at the end of the year. Their music is influenced by Irish folk rock music since this is how it all started. Sandro – the lead singer – got asked to play the Irish Rock Night but didn’t have a band. However this wasn’t a problem as well as finding their musical style. Some would describe it as Irish punk rock but I’d say it’s amazing feel good rock music that you can sing a long to at festivals or in pubs.

What do you do before a gig? I found out that it is mostly waiting until it’s your turn to set up. After a bit of lunch, a quick nap or just a bit of relaxing it suddenly was time to unload the bus. It was my first time on such a huge stage and I was very impressed. While Saint City Orchestra had their tiny spot the roadies of The Darkness and Santana were setting up their thing. The crew of Santana were also sound checking and luckily they finished early and cleared the stage for us!


Around an hour before their set started Saint City Orchestra were able to get the stage ready and to do a quick sound check. The doors opened at 3 and all you could hope was that people would come in early and quickly to see the lads. Slowly people started walking in.

K: Are you getting nervous before a concert?

S&G: Depends on the gig!

The time was running now! After a quick heads together the lads were announced and the gig started! I was soaking everything in and I loved watching them by the side of the stage. I think this is my favourite spot ever – I could get used to this! I was super busy taking pics and doing stories for my Instagram account because this is such a different perspective than my usual one ๐Ÿ™‚ Backstage during a show it is almost as busy as on stage. Making sure that the musicians are able to play their best show is a huge task and I admire every roadie! They need to react as quickly as possible on just a hint of a musician and they need to be on top of everything. So well done to you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

The crowd were curious I could tell and Saint City Orchestra started with “Drunken Lullaby” and “Jailhouse Jig”. At first the people were looking and listening and slowly slowly they started clapping and whipping along. However I do think that at the Caribana Festival people were quicker to respond and dance. I admire the lads. They go out on stage and don’t know what to expect. They pour their hearts and souls into this gig and music but people might not be interested. This is what I call courageous!

2018-06-23 16.23.08

During “What’s left of the flag” 5 people from the crowd were allowed on stage to party with the lads and to wave their huge Saint City Orchestra Flag. They were able to stay on stage for the rest of the set which made for a lively performance. But also Gabriel – on accordion – and Till – on violin – were jumping around and trying to get the crowd going. Mรคsi – on what he calls cajon and what I call box ๐Ÿ˜€ – did a brilliant job. It is one of my fav instruments! But obviously it’s all about that bass ๐Ÿ˜‰ played by Jerome. “Hairy Grizzly”, “Ballad of a haunted soul” and “A Toast” were next. I was completely focused on getting great pics and watching them to write a great review that the time flew by.

“Rebels” of the Sacred Heart”, “Firkin-Jumping Lovers” and “Knights & Thieves” rounded off the set and their 45min slot. Everyone was happy but the stage manager was quick to point out that everything needs to be taken off now! The Darkness needed to be able to set up their stage. The lads were so nice and asked me how I liked it but obviously I loved it! It was just an amazing experience I will never forget! More importantly was how they liked it and they were all satisfied and were okay with how the people reacted. The day wasn’t over though! Time to head to the Merch stand and speak to their fans.

2018-06-23 16.14.34

More work was waiting for them. 2 interviews were scheduled right after the merch sale. Luckily we were able to have a quick peek at the Darkness. (Side note: WHAT A ROCKSTAR!?) I was sitting beside Saint City Orchestra and was listening in. It was quite funny to see someone else interview a band who speak non stop and over each other. Both sides were managing quite well! ๐Ÿ™‚ After 6 hours with the band the official part was over and the lads and me were able to enjoy the other bands, meet up with friends or watch some footy and chill. Seeing stars like Santana and playing on the same stage as them must be the perks of spending every weekend away from their families. In addition to those funny little stories you get backstage bumping into random people and then you realise oh they are actually on stage right now!

2018-06-23 16.15.02

Lastly I want to say thank you to Sandro, Gabriel, Jerome, Mรคsi and Till for having Kekoas Korner with them and making me feel part of their amazing musical journey which I hope will continue for a long time. Also thank you to Jana and Silvan from 36zweientertainment for making this incredible day possible!

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Bryan Adams: A whirlwind of emotions and images

Pretty much exactly two years ago Bryan Adams made a halt with his “Get Up!” tour at Hallenstadion Zรผrich. Back then I was still in Uni and unfortunately I had to go to a mandatory week away somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland. Having already bought tickets I had to make peace with it that I couldn’t go. I was devastated. So when Bryan Adams announced his “Ultimate Love” tour I was super happy! I couldn’t wait to see this maestro live.

With no support Bryan Adams and his amazing band of 4 took the stage at 8.20. There was a huge LED screen on which amazing images and stories supported the songs. The stage itself was very simple and small. The music and the images are supposed to be the highlights of this evening and with a repertoire this big I think it’s fairly save to say that it was.

2018-06-20 20.46.53

We started into the night with the title track of this tour “Ultimate Love”. I already mentioned the big screen and I was fascinated by it! I think like me people needed “Can’t stop this thing we started” and “Run to you” to stop staring at the screen and the band and to actually start clapping their hands. During the third song my concert buddy and I were both trying to figure out in what shopping centre Bryan Adams shot the video on screen. At the end it was revealed that it was NY. Now what image would you project to this third song? Legs running! It made so much sense and the rhythm of the song finally got the Swiss audience going. Bryan Adams addressed the Swiss crowd now and said:

When you go home you gotta remember this: “Go down rockin'”

Loved the song! ๐Ÿ™‚ During “Heaven” and “This Time” you could really see how much fun the lads had on stage. Thanks to my camera I was actually able to zoom in and see their laughs and their emotions on their face. It was pure joy to play in front of an audience that came to rock with them. The next song “It’s only you” would have been a duet with Tina Turner but unfortunately she couldn’t be there ๐Ÿ˜‰ So Bryan Adams and his lead guitar player Keith Scott had a bromance duet ๐Ÿ˜‰ For all my fellow One Tree Hill lovers – YES I KNOW KEITH SCOTT!!! โค I already liked him! lol

I always waited expectantly if I knew the song or not and amazingly even if you aren’t the biggest Bryan Adams fan you deffo know at least half of the set list. “Please Stay” was next but I was surprise to hear “Cloud No. 9”. I didn’t even know that this was a Bryan Adams song! I just knew that I sang along to when I was a kid and started to listen to the radio! Back then in 1998 it was one of my favs. And again Bryan Adams addressed us:

B: So I know it’s a bit tight down there but for the next song I want you to dance and shake your arse. How do you say shake your ass?

The crowd: Arschwackeln!

B: Arschwackeln? OK, so I want you to arschwackeln! ๐Ÿ™‚

And he started to play “You Belong To Me”. Finally some people started dancing and what I loved the most is the three lads on guitars and bass who turned around too and actually shook their ass! ๐Ÿ˜€ Absolutely hilarious!

2018-06-20 21.32.42

Only 3 chords were enough and people knew the song and started to jump up! ๐Ÿ˜€ On a day like yesterday with over 30 degrees I think it was more than fitting to play this song even 33 years later: “Summer of 69”. The crowd was rocking and on the LED screen we saw a naked woman tattooed all over with the lyrics – Yes, that kinda helped during the verses ๐Ÿ™‚ After this fast song it was time to tune it down and so the next two songs were played acoustically. First up “Here I am” and then “When you’re gone”. And I thought where’s Mel C? ๐Ÿ˜€ I love that song but I haven’t heard it in a while either! YAY

One of the most famous soundtracks (Robin Hood) and awarded with an Academy Award Bryan Adams started to play “(Everything I do) I Do It For You”. What a ballade! And again I was not only fascinated by listening to this song live but also by those hanging lights which were moving up and down. It looked brilliantly! It reminded me a bit of the Red Hot Chili Peppers lights. Huge hits just in the middle of the set and not as you would expect at the end as an encore. I mean how cool is that??!! Without a break – it was just song after song – “Back to you”, “Somebody” and “Have you ever really loved a woman?” with a Spanish touch.

And another song that celebrates the woman came next: “The only thing that looks good on me is you”. How cheeky?! haha “Cuts like a Knife” continued this incredible set of songs. For the next one I let you guess the title from my pictures below:

Before the encore Bryan Adams played “I’m ready” and “Brand New Day” before the 5 super talented musicians left the stage only to come back for the encore a little while later and yes, he knew about the Swiss “ohhhhh” wave. But before I forget I’d like to mention that Bryan Adams had freaking Helena Bonham Carter on the screen during Brand New Day!!!! How amazing is that?! I was amazed again… and now that I watched the video clip I am gobsmacked. Not only did he get Helena Bonham Carter for the clip he also got Theo Hutchcraft from Hurts to play in it!! :-O

2018-06-20 22.23.00

Back to the gig: “I could get used to this” and a cover by the Crickets “I fought the law” finished the main set and Keith Scott and Co. left the stage for the evening but not before they all bowed and did a little dance for us. Time for Bryan Adams and his guitar (and his harmonica) to finish the evening. Even though he is Canadian we enjoyed a very slow acoustic version of a traditional Irish song called “Whiskey in a Jar”. As you all know I have a bit of a thing for Irish music so he definitely hit a nerve ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-06-20 22.26.08

For “Straight from the heart” Bryan Adams told us a little story:

When I was little my parents saved money for school for me but then I saw this piano. I asked my Mom if she would buy the piano from that money and she said “Yes sure!” My Daddy didn’t know about it at first and when we told him waay later he said: “Good for you!” that’s what he always used to say – Good for you. So when people ask me how do you remember Switzerland I can say that today is the day my daddy died. So I want you to sing the next song with me for him.

I couldn’t believe what he just said. I managed to not cry because my concert buddy and I were wondering towards the end of the song why would you be doing a concert when your daddy just died? Did he mean it’s “just” the anniversary of the day? In any case I was very moved and I was close to tears which only Adele and Robbie Williams were able to do once.

2018-06-20 22.46.52

With a lump in my throat I put on my phone torch for “All for Love” and the whole Hallenstadion did the same. It looked incredible and we all belted out the song in honour of Bryan Adams’ dad. And this is how I want to finish this review as well. In Memoriam ย Conrad J. Adams – Good for you!

Have you seen Bryan Adams live? Share your experience with Kekoas Korner in the comments below or on Instagram.

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Foo Fighters: From A**hole to Motherf***er

I knew I wanted to see them as soon as they announced the gig last year. However I wasn’t happy with the ticket prices. Although it’s actually quite normal for stadium gig to have super expensive tickets. But I wanted to have a shirt to remember this gig so I waited and waited and luckily I got my chance a day before the gig!

I decided to drive to the gig because I didn’t want to be sitting on the overly full SBB train back to Zurich. It was a great decision for the way back but driving there was absolutely madness. I felt like everyone in Switzerland was “driving” to Bern. I now really feel for those people who do this every time coming to Zurich. I feel very blessed to be living here and being able to see big stars within a normal driving distance. Thanks to this lovely drive I missed out on The Kills and Wolf Alice. But I did hear that especially Wolf Alice killed it! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want to read more about the two supports check out Sarah’s review:

After a long wait in the queue we literally made it in took our place and the gig started! I stood there and watched these legends take the stage. I was in awe. I started to have a bit of a crush on Dave Grohl a few years back and since then I watched a few documentaries (Sound City, Foo Fighters Back and Forth) that he produced which introduced properly to rock music and the Foo Fighters. With an impressive energy the lads started with “Run”, “All my Life” and “Learn to fly”. 35’000 people rocked to those songs and sang a long. I loved the atmosphere. Mosh pits started to form itselves and normal people stage diving to the front. When they found their way to the front on the hands of the people the security staff members took them down and let them to the side. But they weren’t angry with them. They were friendly and they understood that this is part of a rock gig like this!

2018-06-13 20.56.25

We were only 3 songs in and the Foo Fighters played a cracker: “The Pretender”. Hearing that song live is lit (that’s how a very young person would say it ;-)). Normally with big gigs like that you see a lot of people just going because it is what you have to do to be trendy. However I didn’t feel like that with the Foo Fighters. I saw a lot of people knowing the lyrics and properly rock out to those legendary songs!

Are you ready Motherf*****? – Dave Grohl

“Sky is a Neighborhood” off their newest record “Concrete and Gold” was next. Unfortunately I missed out on the start of the incredible drum solo of Taylor Hawkins during “Rope” because my own belly started his own drum solo ๐Ÿ˜‰ With a bite to eat I could properly enjoy the rest of the solo and the concert. I was surprised to see that the whole drum set was high up and that made sure that everyone could see him. It came down after the song like a little UFO ๐Ÿ™‚ (I see what you guys did there;-))

Finally during “Sunday Rain” and “My Hero” Dave Grohl used their long runway and spoke a bit more with the audience. Unfortunately I couldn’t see him on that middle stage because of the two sound tents on each side. At least I could hear him and that what he said: “Who here is seeing us for the first time?” Lots of people yelled or grunted. So he said:

Ass*****! Where have you been?

Haha damn I thought I am an a**hole! But hey 3 years ago you had to cancel the gig because you fell of the stage! So who is the a**hole now? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway let’s continue with another amazing song “These Days”! God my poor neck. I don’t know how the Foo Fighters do this head banging everyday! Up next was “Walk”. And now Dave Grohl asked us if we knew Alice Cooper?! Hell yeah I do! I met him at a tram station 8 years ago! ๐Ÿ˜€ So they played a cover “Under my Wheels” next. Finally it was time to introduce the others! On lead guitar we have Chris Shiflett so he started his solo – but it was enough – “We want more”! After another incredibly talented solo on his guitar Dave Grohl and the crowd still wanted more! This continued with Nate Mendel on bass, Rami Jaffee on keys and Pat Smear on guitar. During those introductions they mixed in some very famous songs like “It’s so Easy”, “Another bites the Dust”, “Imagine”, “Jump” and “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

Foo Fighters continued the little cover section with Queen’s “Under Pressure” that turned into a very old song and lots of the original Motherf*****s knew it “Monkey Wrench”. It was time for a slow song and even a bit of a romantic settings with all the lights up for “Wheels”. I gotta say The Foo Fans are very creative. They took the phone and held it against their beer which created a beautiful yellow light. I loved it! So we had beer lights, actual lighters and phone lights – it looked great! For “La Dee Da” Dave Grohl brought Alison Mosshart from The Kills back on stage. Together they sang a rock duet and for me it was the first time to see her. I loved her energy and I liked her voice.

Around two hours flew by and Dave Grohl said we have about 25mins left before they shut us off. We won’t be leaving the stage, we will play through it as long as we can. I liked that a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ I used the time during “Breakout” and “Dirty Water” to wander around the stadium and have a look at the stage from different angles. And I finally saw Rami on keys! haha

Foo Fighters finished off with a bang! Three uber hits that left no fan with any wishes: “Times like these”, “Best of you” and “Everlong”! After 2 hours and 40 mins I was impressed and transformed from an a**hole to a motherf******! Amazing how proud you can be to be called mofo! ๐Ÿ˜€

Are you a motherf*****? So share your experience here!

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Savage Irish Night at Amboss Rampe

I saw Gavin James at the Kaufleuten Zermatt Unplugged two years ago. Unfortunately I had to leave his set after 30 mins to see Aloe Blacc because the timing back then was really bad. However what I saw of the set I enjoyed very much so that made me go to his 2nd gig at the sold out Amboss Rampe.

The Irish Night was opened by Declan Greene who is your typical Irish guy – or at least that’s how I see it. He’s super funny and a very talented singer songwriter. Playing the guitar and singing nice songs and cracking jokes in-between and warming the crowd up. That’s what I call a good opener!

2018-06-12 20.46.12

Just a little while later Saarloos took the stage… and just like that we had some more Irish lads cracking jokes and making amazing music. The Harmonies of Brian and Craig were on point and I really really loved it and I was sooo impressed. For some songs they were joined by Andy who played the bass. They played a mix of Craig’s solo songs and their first EP as Saarloos: “Alive”, “Changes”, “Free Fallin'”, “Trust In Me”, “Home”. Since it was the last night of their tour together Gavin James quickly popped on stage to play the harmony and joke a bit with the lads. So if you love The Coronas, Ed Sheeran or Passenger I bet you love those guys too, so check’em out!

2018-06-12 20.51.56

Gavin James walked on stage with his keys player Jeff and sang “For You”, “Remember Me” and “Coming Home”. The Craic continued throughout this evening with these amazing Irish musicians. He taught us that in any other country savage is a bad word but in Ireland it just means f***** amazing! What I love about live music you can continue your jokes and your interaction with the audience during the songs as well. In the very hot sold out Amboss Rampe the set continued with “Boxes”, “Hard to do” and “Nervous”. Gavin James’ voice range in the latter is super impressive. He said that a few days ago he was really sick and sang the song not how he normally would. Waay lower and it kinda sounded like Joe Cocker. Laughs were guaranteed! ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-06-12 21.36.34

It was so hot and just savage so we got to hear a few more songs: “Put you back together”, “Always” and “Faces”. I was already starting to get sick and I had a sore throat so I was kinda glad that I wasn’t able to sing all the songs with him. However a lot of the front row people were very good and made sure to sing almost every song. What I loved about this gig was that most people were super quiet since it was just Gavin, his guitar and Jeff on the keys. So it was very intimate and really not loud. Every chatter would have been heard. There was only one woman from Kerry on a Tinder date as Gavin put it who was talking constantly. I loved that he called her out on it because sometimes you just want to shhh people during a gig and it’s ok to do so!


“Tired”, “Glow” and “Cigarette break” were next. Gavin James’ voice is incredible and beautiful. His songs are almost all about heart break and just very sad. So it is super refreshing to lighten the mood with lots of jokes and fun stories. This sets him apart from Dermot Kennedy who’s shows are doom and gloom all the way. Finally my favourite Gavin James song came on: “Hearts on Fire”. It’s just a super fun and up-tempo song where you can properly dance too… Or jump to. Gavin asked us to kneel down and then jump up for the chorus ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Craic or like he said SAVAGE!

There was no normal encore break. He just hid out behind a curtain and we only saw his hand pushing us to make more noise. Just hilarious! We got to listen to four more songs “Middle”, “Book of love”, “Two Hearts” and “Only ticket home”. The gig was over so quick and the weather decided to be Irish too since it started to pour down during Gavin James’ set. I was so happy I got to see a full set and properly enjoy a night out in what felt like a small Irish Pub in Dublin.

Have you seen these Irish lads live? Leave a comment belowย and share your experience ๐Ÿ˜‰

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A truly magical place: Caribana Festival with The Script

Early Saturday morning it was time to go on my last stop of my The Script tour. I was already tired but so excited to meet my girls of The Script family and to see our lads later that day. In addition to that I was looking forward to seeing the Caribana Festival for the first time.

Arriving waay to early at the venue turned out to be a brilliant idea. Because it was so warm we decided to have an ice cream and to go to the lake to put our feet in. This turned out to be a brilliant decision since we saw the lads boating. On our way back to the entrance of the festival we spotted Glen and Ben at the restaurant chillin so we made the decision to quickly wish them a nice show. Them being them they started speaking with us when Mark joined in. It was quite special to just have time to properly speak to these lovely Irish guys. They are so close to their The Script Family and I am sooo happy to be part of this. It is not just the lads that make it special it is the family members you meet. You wouldn’t believe how many good friends I’ve gained through this family ๐Ÿ™‚

The first band we listened to was Saint City Orchestra. They’re a band from St. Gallen doing Irish Punk music ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved their show and we had a great time Irish dancing. I also think they did a great job opening the festival. Not a lot of people were around but they made sure that we had a good time. Creating mosh pits and inviting people on stage to drink beer was so much fun!

2018-06-09 20.16.59

After this is it was time to take our spot in the front row at the main stage. First we saw Protoje & The Indiggnation a band from Jamaica bringing the Caribbean sounds to Caribana ๐Ÿ™‚ It was good fun and nice to dance to but after Irish dancing I was pretty tired and needed a break haha Thank God for those 45 mins in-between the acts!

At 21.40 Oscar and the Wolf took the stage. Being a bit ignorant I just went to the festival and I didn’t really get any info on other bands. So when Max Colombie came on stage I was very surprised. Firstly I was kinda making fun of him and his moves. Check out my Instagram stories to see what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚ But he quickly turned out to be pretty good. I was dancing and having a great time which I really didn’t expect at first! I will deffo check him out now and would see him again!

2018-06-10 00.27.52

Finally at 11.45 the Script took the stage and the energy blew my mind. I’ve been to Dublin, Amsterdam and Brussels but down here by the Lake Geneva it was smaller which I think made the difference. With “Superheroes” Danny started to jump around and the front row (including me :D) followed his lead. The people around me knew the lyrics pretty well. I was so surprised but I barely heard the lads singing. I loved it tho and we sang “Rock the World”! The energy rose another level or as Danny said it we would have blown the roof of the place as the first chords of “Paint the town green” started. It is my favourite song! Danny came down to us and for half a minute we were singing together while the green confetti came down. What a special moment!

2018-06-10 00.38.02

A beautiful quiet moment as always is when Danny sings “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” with us acapella and then Glen, Mark, Ben and Luke set in after the first verse to play it from the start. Love it! Time to sing some new songs from The Freedom Child album. “Wonders” is such a brilliant song and Mark’s part is just the best. The newest single “Arms Open” was next. Mark and Danny both took their acoustic guitar and we opened our arms to them. Glen saw it and half hugged us with one hand while the other one was playing his part of the song. How talented is he??!!

2018-06-10 00.27.31

Being at a festival means for most people to be drinking as well. So “Nothing” is the perfect song for this time. It’s about drunk dialing your ex and in the end all you got it Nooothing ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone was yelling it back. I think it’s one of the lads favourite song haha “No Man is an Island” was next and being to so many shows I knew exactly the moves to do. Danny caught me doing the fish and shark moves and had to laugh and followed my lead ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course it was time to gather our bags because of the 8 steps left, 8 steps right movement.

2018-06-10 01.18.11

That afternoon I properly met Ben – the Bass player – for the first time. He’s so nice and as a joke I quickly put together a poster saying “Ben’s No 1 Fan”. During “For the First Time” I held it up and one of my concert buddies pointed to it. Ben saw it and burst into big laugh and so did we. That was just the funniest moment ever! ๐Ÿ˜€ As already mentioned the lads are so close to the fans even during the show. So Danny jumped into the crowd during “Energy Never Dies” and the front row started to get squashed which I motioned to Luke. While everyone was looking for Danny The Script Family members had a ball with Glen, Mark and Co. Everyone knows Mark loves to throw his picks around so I was pointing towards me and he did try to throw it to me however I didn’t catch one. I think ย he needs to practice even more lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-06-10 00.27.13

With Danny back on stage the “Rain” could start. Well thank God it was just the song and the weather remained absolutely stellar. I knew now that we are close to the end or more precise 1 song before the encore. It made me really sad since it was such a great gig but I didn’t have time to wallow! Trying to dance while getting squashed is pretty hard but I think we managed alright.


After a short break Luke and Ben came back on and one by one The Script came back too. There is really “No Good in Goodbye” and normally the light show to this song are incredible but because it was a festival they didn’t put up all their gear. I bet part of it was already on the way to Milano where they had a show the next day. “Breakeven” followed and the Caribana Festival crowd was still in full voice. I have to say it again the energy was incredible! The Script’s final song “Hall of Fame” is their most famous and gained them a lot of fans. They always ask us to put up our phones and turn the torch on. It always is an incredible sight. And finally they are blowing up not just one set of confettis but two.


Lastly Glen and Mark are throwing their picks and drum sticks into the crowd. I had to tell you I am a bit of a pro of catching the drum stick! ๐Ÿ™‚ This time I caught it for one of my concert buddies. After a final bow of the 5 lads it was time to say Goodbye. Luckily the Festival was so small that we met all of them again after the gig just before they left for Milano. Thank you lads for putting up such a great show and for being just so lovely and nice to your fans! It was one of the best days I’ve ever had. I got to spend the day listening to my favourite band with lovely people of the Script Family ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you been to Caribana Festival? Or did you see a show by The Script? Let me know in the comment below and share yourย experience with The Script Family.

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1 evening, 2 concerts: Snow Patrol and Travis

Thanks to my Irish luck I was a very busy woman on Wednesday! First I won two tix to see Snow Patrol at the Energy Live session at Kaufleuten and then I won 2 tix to see Travis at the opening night of the Unique Moments Festival at Landesmuseum. So I had to try and watch both gigs and it kinda worked out ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-06-06 21.31.05

With a very unfortunate 10 min delay Snow Patrol took the stage at 8.40 in a very hot Kaufleuten. First they sang “Chocolate”, “You’re all I have” and “Crack the shutters”. I’ve never seen them live and being in a small venue helps to properly watch them. The 4 lads are so passionate and love their music. Plus they are very humble and funny! Apparently there’s a club in Belfast that looks exactly like Kaufleuten so Gary Lightbody said:

I think we’re in a time warp!

I wish we were! But unfortunately I knew that I would miss the last song of this gig and a few of Travis’ first. This did not make me enjoy the next few songs any less. Finally the first song from their newest record Wildness was “Empress”. It sounded very good but I loved what they did with their current single “Don’t Give In”. Firstly Gary Lightbody played and sang the song only with his guitar and in a much slower tempo then it picked up and it ended up in the normal version we now. I enjoyed that a lot!

“Run” followed and I just love their version! But I do still hear Leona Lewis screaming in the back ground haha. Another one from their new record was “Heal Me” and I love the rhythm of it! I think this could be my favourite – especially live. It’s a perfect song to get the crowd going. “Shut your Eyes” was next and finally the song everyone knew came on: “Chasing Cars”. It was super special to hear it live and to me it’s even better! But unfortunately this meant that we had to leave the gig now. The last song “Just say yes” sounded great as we made our way to the back.

After a short Uber ride (the first driver cancelled our trip – you are an a*** – I’m not gonna name any names) we arrived at the next venue. Now we had to look for the entry to the Landesmuseum. We heard a few beats and then the music stopped. I was afraid that it was already the encore! Luckily after another short run/walk we made it to the Unique Moments Festival with Travis. What a magical place! It looked like a castle in which the stage was set.

2018-06-06 22.05.17

At 9.30 we already missed 11 songs including “Why does it always rain on me?”. But we had another hour and 10 mins which we enjoyed a lot! First song we heard was “Love will come through”. It was a very relaxed atmosphere on balmy summer night. What I didn’t know is how funny Fran – the lead singer – is. He told a lot of stories which I always enjoy at a gig. One story was that he sang in front of Liam Gallagher who at that time was one part of the legendary Oasis. Liam ended up crying because he sang so beautifully! How funny! The set continued with “Last Train”, “Good Feeling” and “Side”. A lot of the songs you kinda know even if you aren’t Travis’ super fan ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-06-06 22.07.39

Fran in true Scottish manner wore a Kilt which at first I thought were just shorts! haha As the evening wore on I started to cool down and relax. Travis’ songs are perfect for that but they can party and dance as well which they showed in the later stage of their set. “Re-Offender” was next and because I didn’t know the songs so well I was able to do a live video on my Instagram account. I also made a very special follower of mine happy when I video chatted with her during the gig so she could listen.

2018-06-06 22.14.12

I really don’t know why I know “Closer” but I do and I had a great time listening to it live! Nothing beats live music ๐Ÿ™‚ “My Eyes” and “Flowers in the Window” were next and my crazy concert buddy from Loads of Musicย decided to go down to the standing area to enjoy the last part of the gig. When we got down for “All I want to do is rock” I was amazed and annoyed by how many people were chatting loudly. I would expect this from the seating area but down here with the fans, seriously? And then “Sing” came on! Everyone sang along and to me it was a magical moment in a unique setting. I’m very thankful for all the opportunities I get. Thank you Energy Radio and Starticket!

Fran then started to speak about live music. He thanked us for coming and for buying tickets because without us people like him wouldn’t be able to do what they loved and continue to do it. Supporting live music is a big thing especially these days when music can be easily accessed through streaming. I still love records and I am starting my own vinyl collection. There is something about a record that iTunes or Spotify cannot give you in my opinion. In addition to this if you meet the band you have something to sign! ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-06-06 23.07.45

Travis left the stage now for the real encore only to come on stage to tell us another story about a festival Radio 1 organizes. Thanks to a silly jam session we got to hear the next cover. Travis a Scottish rock band covers the Pop Princess Britney Spears. Everyone laughed but sang as loudly as they can “…Baby One More Time”! Lastly the perfect song to end this set “Happy” with the following lyrics:

I’m so happy ’cause you’re so happy!

I loved it and was dancing along with everyone else. Slowly rain drops were falling on my head ๐Ÿ˜‰ However we did have a stroll around the venue and found the top 100 record collection corner with all the legendary records. Great idea! As we headed to the train station the rain started to pour down and we all thought:

Why does it always rain on me?

Have you seen Travis live? Yes? Then let me know in theย comments below! ๐Ÿ™‚

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HAIM: Monday is flirt day

Thanks to the Gadget Golden pass I won over Christmas I had the freedom to finally see HAIM. I’ve heard sooo many good things about the 3 sisters and I know that Este Haim is sooo funny so I decided that I had to see them.

The girls invited Grace Carter to join them on their Sister Sister Sister tour and that was a very wise decision. She is an awesome singer and a great opener. She sang “Silhouette”, “Saving Grace” and “Ashes”. I was a fan already and somehow I thought I knew her but I couldn’t place my finger on it. But the most fun and the best atmosphere she created with ย “Silence”. People clapped along and started to dance even more. I will deffo keep following her and would love to see some more ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-06-04 22.03.05

At 9.20 (so late!) the lights went off and the red stage lights went on. A drum beat started and one by one Alana, Danielle and Este took the stage at X-Tra. The energy came through already. People started dancing and clapping. I was amazed. I spent the whole first two songs “Falling” and “Don’t Save Me” watching them. They switched between singing, playing the keys, guitars etc. You could really see that they feel the music – especially Este. Her face tells you the whole story of a song.

2018-06-04 22.58.59

After two songs I could already tell that they are the perfect festival band! I wanted to take off my shoes and just sway and jump to the rhythm! Speaking of festivals what I find incredible is that they are headlining Glastonbury, Coachella etc. but they only play X-tra in Switzerland and it isn’t even sold out. Plus if you mention HAIM in Switzerland everyone looks at you like you’re from the moon. It’s a pity but they’ve won me and my concert buddy within the first few minutes. A brilliant good vibes songs is “Little of your love” which contrasts the next song where Este sings lead. It is a super modern and aggressive song and I immediately liked it. And the Swiss audience managed to sing a long to “Song 5” which brought a smile onto Danielle’s face.

The sisters are so very talented musicians and their songs are brilliant to singalong to. Especially “Ready for you”. But like I said they are also funny. So they said:

A: What day is today? Oh Monday. I hate Monday’s.

D: But now we’re here so let’s start the week off right.

E: Monday’s are here to flirt. I like to flirt.

Then someone shouted something and Este was like “Ohh I like you. And you got a Pepsi shirt on. I love Pepsi – but light. Hey, we can work on that”. I couldn’t stop laughing! I loved the way they told stories and all three of them spoke their minds. It was a very lively show which continued with “You Never Knew”. I bet you’ve heard of “Want You back” before. It is such a familiar song. To me it represent the perfect festival song. I can picture myself with flowers in my hair and barefoot dancing and singing to it. “Walking Away” and “Nothing’s Away” followed.

Before the next song the sisters told us the story how this song became what it is today. Alana said she really really liked that song but it wasn’t right and she wanted it to make it perfect so the others would come on board. So finally she played the first three seconds and everyone knew exactly which song it was. She said those beats made it to what it is. Now Este said “Well hold on I play the bass on it and without it wouldn’t be a hit”. Danielle went on and said “I sped the song up and you know that this is songwriter 101”.

Alana: Let’s just play the f**** song

And so they played “Forever” and “The Wire” came next before they left the stage for the encore.

2018-06-04 23.07.19

From their 2nd album “Something to tell you” which was release last year they played “Found it in silence” and it resonated pretty well with the audience. I love those smaller gigs because the people that are there really came for the band and know the lyrics and are ready to dance. After around 90mins Alana, Danielle and Este finished a brilliant show with “Right Now”. They turned me into a fan and I am looking forward to seeing them again! Check out the highlights on my Instagram account by clicking here.

Have you been to a HAIM gig or a festival they played at? Let me know your story in the comments below.

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Zurich roooaaared with Katy Perry

I was super excited to see Katy Perry for the fourth time at Hallenstadion! I remember her doing a great show at Volkshaus and then half of the Hallenstadion and now for the second time a sold out show. I am incredibly happy to have seen her grow so big ๐Ÿ™‚ What I love about her audience is that it is super divers. From little kids to teenagers to families to very specially dressed people (I guess me kinda included haha)

2018-06-01 20.59.27

I guess the mini-club at the concert was why Tove Styrke started at 7.30 already. I really really loved her sound and she seemed incredibly humbled but very talented. I’d love to see her at a small venue to get a good look at her. Partying with Tove Styrke is great ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-06-01 21.21.38

The Witness Tour gig is divided into 5 parts. Katy Perry in a golden suit took the stage at 8.45 with “Witness” in a crystal like floaty thingy which opened the first part “In the space”. It continued with another song “Roulette” of her newest album. For that song she brought huge cubes on stage on which she was climbing around. During “Dark Horse” – such a tune! – she was supported by 8 dancers who are extremely talented and always dressed in awesome costumes. Huge computer giants took the stage for “Chained to the rhythm”. I was already up and dancing – how can you stay still? But lots of people were there to watch the show.


2018-06-01 21.31.29

And boy did they get something to watch. For every song Katy Perry brought something new out. Her 29 trucks were fully stocked with props. The 2nd part – act my age – started with “Teenage Dream” and a flying yellow Lego! Katy now started to talk to us. It felt like a conversation she’d have with approximately 13k friends ๐Ÿ˜€ She said that she wanted to learn some Swiss German. I have to say she must be pretty great at phonetics since she was mimicking what the first few rows were doing and it sounded very Swiss. So we taught her “Chalt und warm” / “Hot and Cold” and off the party went! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a Friday Night and what better way to celebrate today with Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”. Katy had an LED-top on where both songs were displayed on. She was literally glowing! ๐Ÿ™‚ Two huge flamingos came out. They looked super funny and honestly it was so much fun dancing to this. Hit after hit the evening continued.

“California Gurls” was next and obviously Left Shark couldn’t be left out. He came on stage as a big star! ๐Ÿ˜€ And apparently he wanted to play a huge piano since he was a real musician. It was super entertaining and it didn’t feel rehearsed at all. After a water fight the stage was quickly cleaned while Katy Perry sang a song for all her Katycats: “I kissed A Girl”! What I really liked about this tour is that she completely remodeled her oldest songs into new versions. And off she went into a huge mouth covered in red lipstick.

Act 3 “Celestial Body” brought out huge flowers all over the stage. For “Dรฉjร  Vu” Katy Perry walked slowly down to the middle of the Hallenstadion. Unfortunately she was engaging the other side of the venue more than mine. This is the only thing I can criticize. During “Tsunami” she had a dancer on a huge flower pole. It looked very cool. Another fav of mine “E.T.” was next and a huge mosquito took the stage. Honestly it is incredible what Katy Perry and her creative director did with this Witness tour! Even people who don’t go to concerts a lot or don’t enjoy it as much were in for a treat. It was just a spectacular show!

During “Bon Appรฉtit” an oversized carnivorous plant took the space below the huge eye which was the center of the stage the whole time. It is hard to describe all the things on stage because there were just too many. I bet someone sat across the room had another few and saw something else. At the end of the song Katy Perry was eaten by the huge plant and off she went to change for the fourth act.

2018-06-01 22.14.14

During dress change big planets were blown up and Katy Perry flew in on big Saturn. She sat there covered in silver with a silver guitar and played “Wide Awake” for which she asked us to be her duet partner. It looked sooo pretty! Especially when everybody started to light up their phones. A wow moment!

Now what I realized yesterday is that a lot of people there knew her biggest songs and a lot of the new ones. However the old ones weren’t sung that loud. What I didn’t like about the audience too is that they were seated almost the whole time. Honestly how could they???!!!

Katy Perry landed on the 3rd stage and asked for the Swiss flag someone in the audience was waving to be given to her. She said:

Thank you for spending your time and your money to be with me. I know that you had to take a train, a bus, a car or a plane and maybe spend money on a hotel. I really appreciate you and that’s why I wrote this song for you.

It was a very intimate moment where Katy Perry knelt in the middle of her Katycats singing “Into Me You See”. The last song of act 4 was “Power” and off she went for another dress change.

2018-06-01 22.35.36

Part 5 started with “Part of Me” and it was time to put your fist into the air! When I walked in I spotted a pretty cool shirt at the Merch stand from the “Swish Swish” song. Unfortunately it was so expensive that I didn’t buy it but the song was stuck in my head. And finally she sang it now! ๐Ÿ˜€ I had to laugh and it stayed in my head all night! In the video of “Swish Swish” Katy Perry plays Basketball with pretty famous people. At the gig she chose a Dad and his 10 year old son. A huge basketball court was the background for the song and now it served as a little game. If the duo won they could take a selfie with Katy. So they took turns at trying to put the oversized ball into the huge net and obviously Katy Perry made sure that she’d loose ๐Ÿ˜€

The basketball court was replaced by an impressive lion.

Zurich it is time to “Roar”!

I love that song and I adore that record. Every song on that album tells a very personal story. That’s why the last gig in 2015 was so special to me. Last night it was even bigger than the last time but I couldn’t relate as much. But in any case it was a brilliant gig and I had a great time. If you want to get some impressions have a look at my stories on my instagram account. Just click here. ย After nearly two hours Katy Perry left the stage for the Encore.

2018-06-01 23.08.41

Katy flew in on a big clock to sing her song “Pendulum”. It was a very quiet song and a nice Encore song before the Big Bang! She landed in a huge hand in the middle of the stage and sang with us “Firework”. And with Boom Boom Boom real fireworks were set off before Katy Perry sank into the hand and into the floor of the stage. As you can see I am in Love with Katy Perry and I am so impressed with her journey. I can only recommend to you guys to see a gig of hers. It is just amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-06-01 23.16.21

Have you seen Katy Perry live? Let me know your experience and leave a comment below:-)

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Alina Amuri’s Chasing Traces

Alina Amuri is a Swiss singer with Congolese roots who’s been known for her soulful voice. She finally released her 2nd album “Chasing Traces last week and I just had a listen to it.

“Won’t Cope with it” sounds like the perfect song for a rainy night in September. It starts very chilled and then the beat drops. I really really love the rhythm! And obviously the beautiful voice of Alina Amuri makes it to a perfect track to be No. 1 on the album. The very international sound continues with “Water” and “Pioneers”. The sound kinda reminds me of Erykah Badu who I adore.ย After three tracks there’s a short Interlude called “A long Time”. It kinda has a gospel sound and has a rich sound. What a contrast the next song is. “Giving up on you” has a rock feel and the electric guitar is very prominent.

After a quick adventure into the synthie rock genre Alina Amuri is back into the chill music area with “On my way” and “Free”. She has such a beautiful peaceful voice it is a pleasure to listen to her music. I think she’d be perfect for all the Jazz music festivals around the world. Chasing Traces represents the modern version of Jazz mixed with soul and reggae elements. The rhythm and Alina Amuri’s voice in “Don’t” transports a very intense feeling – it is hard to describe. So you better listen to it and buy it here.

Alina Amuri “Chasing Traces”

The title track “Chasing Traces” is a very cute slow ballade. Now it’s time to dance with “Move slowly”. Sounds funny I know but this song won’t make you move slowly. It makes you want to dance and I really love the feature of Walter Esposito on the track. He helped Alina Amuri on the songwriting for the record and it is a perfect addition on this track. I just love that track! I think every summer party needs to play it so remember to put “Move slowly” by Alina Amuri on your Spotify playlist! I just did that and to make it easier for you here’s the link.

“Daughter” gives me goosebumps. It is a song about her daddy who she hasn’t had any contact with for many years. Being a musician is not easy but she is still grateful for the life she has and that she can do what she loves. I completely relate to that feeling. What impressed me the most is that this song was recorded in one take! These days it is very to do that but obviously the emotion she felt at that exact moment couldn’t be ripped apart – which makes this track unique.

The “Outro” is a very airy short Interlude and picks up on the first notes of the first song of the record. However to me the beginning sounds more sad and like she is still chasing traces. The outro sounds happy and like she has found what Alina Amuri was looking for.

After listening to the record it makes me wonder how the tracks sound like because you know I love live music. I saw her supporting Naturally 7ย a few years back and it was a perfect fit. But you know what? You can see her live as a headliner now! She is playing Plaza on June, 8th so make sure to check it out and celebrate the Release of “Chasing Traces” with her. Get your tix via Starticket. She will play another two festivals after this gig on July, 13th at the Kulturfestival in St.Gallen and on August, 10th at the Jazztage in Lichtensteig.

Let me know what you thought of Alina Amuri’s new record “Chasing Traces” in the comments below.